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ECO Friendly Waterproof Multi Color WPC Wall Panel Easy To Install Panel With Factory Price

WPC Interior Wall Cladding is perfect for all interior spaces from bathrooms and kitchens to bars and restaurants. Choose from a wide selection of styles to suit your needs from realistic wood effects to mineral effects which include popular light concrete styles. With a great selection of WPC Cladding, wall panel can supply quality cladding for DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen. Our WPC wall panel board selection of cladding is suitible for a range of project from plastic bathroom panels to that suitible for exterior and interior use.

    WPC Wall Panel
    Product Introduction
    WPC Panel is a wood-plastic material, and the wood-plastic products usually made of PVC foaming process are called WPC Panel. The main raw material of WPC Panel is a new type of green environmental protection material (30% PVC+69% wood powder+1% colorant formula), WPC Panel is generally composed of two parts, the substrate and the color layer, the substrate is made of wood powder and PVC plus other Synthesis of reinforcing additives, and the color layer is adhered to the surface of the substrate by PVC color films with different textures.


    Product name
    WPC Wall Panel
    Function Moisture-Proof, Mould-Proof, Waterproof, Fireproof etc.
    Size 160*22.5mm, 168*23mm, 168*24mm, 195*12mm
    Application Indoor
    Length Customized
    Color Customer's requirement


    Rich colors, the veneer of the wpc wall panel can be covered with a variety of wood grain colors and can be combined with other wall decoration materials to meet the design needs of different styles and levels and create more possibilities for the space.

    Widely used, wpc wall panel are widely used and have always been a commonly used classic element for cabinet doors, background walls or wainscoting. They cater to home styles and ensure functionality while adding visual beauty.

    The production of grating panels complies with national environmental protection standards. It is non-toxic, odorless and pollution-free. It is a truly green and environmentally friendly product. The wpc wall panel has strong plasticity and can be made into exquisite shapes as needed, and can be used in interior design in various forms.

    The wpc wall panel enhances the layering of the space and makes the simple space dynamic. With the decoration of the light strip, it creates a space that pays equal attention to details and layering. The grille background wall has a unique shape and a stronger visual sense of hierarchy. The upper decoration has a hidden light strip, which makes the light invisible and the light and shadow exquisite, giving the wall a dynamic beauty and presenting a quiet and elegant wabi-sabi style.

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    This product is very popular in China. We have our own agents in every city in China and are widely used in various places. It can enhance the texture of space and make the grade and taste of high-end customized homes stand out instantly.