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Eco Friendly Soundproof Material Acoustic Panel Wooden Fluted Wall Panel MDF Slat Panel fo Indoor Decoration

The grooved wood sound-absorbing board is a slit resonance sound-absorbing material with grooves on the front and perforations on the back of the density board.

Groove wood sound-absorbing panels are generally divided into the following three levels: fire protection level B2, fire protection level B1, and fire resistance level A2 and are flame retardant. Three types of sound-absorbing materials with different fire protection levels have different core finishes.

    Product Introduction
    Groove wood sound-absorbing panels use natural wood as the base material. People also call it wooden sound-absorbing panels. Compared with traditional sound-absorbing materials, it provides better acoustic performance. The multi-layered grooves and perforations of the bottom board can effectively reduce sound. echo, improving sound clarity.


    Product name
    Wooden Acoustic Slat Panel / Soundproof Wall Panels
    Raw Materials 100% Polyester fiber acoustic panel +E0 grade MDF wood slat/ solid wood
    Size 2400*600*21 mm/ 3000*600*21 mm/Customized
    Bottom PET polyester panel
    Surface Melamine/Veneer/Painting
    MDF color Yellow or Black
    Features Eco protection, Sound absorption, Fire-retardant


    1. Application 
    sowo's unique acoustic wood slat sound absorbing panels combine the polyester fiber properties with the beauty of slatted wood wall panels. These panels are specifically designed to correct room acoustics, eliminate reflected sound, control reverberation time, and equalize mid- and high-frequency sound fields. Whether you're a professional sound engineer or just want to enhance your home audio experience, these panels provide the perfect solution. Polyester wood slat panels also known as strip sound-absorbing panels, are a new type of sound-absorbing material made of 9mm thick polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels and wooden sound-absorbing panels. They have good sound-absorbing effects in the mid-to-high frequency range.

    2. Cost-effectiveness
    sowo's Acoustic Wood Wall Panels are the first 100% acoustic panels designed to add a touch of modern style to your space. Acoustic Wood Wall Panels feature a deep contrasting profile, creating a dark slatted appearance that not only enhances the aesthetics of the space but also absorbs unwanted sound reflections in the room. The design is a stylish look that is popular among interior designe space designers. Our wood batten panels give you a sleek, luxurious and modern look without the price of traditional batten absorbent panels. These panels are ideal as a feature wall or spot treatment in non-circulation areas.

    3. Environmental protection
    Wooden sound-absorbing panels are made of natural wood, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and meets modern people's requirements for environmentally friendly materials. Usually wooden sound-absorbing panels are made of renewable wood, and the waste generated can also be recycled.

    4. Aesthetics
    The natural wood feel and texture of wooden sound-absorbing panels is regarded as one of its advantages. The surface finishes of Acoustic Wood Wall Panels usually use natural wood veneer, engineered wood veneer and melamine paper. At the same time, the shape and specifications can also be customized according to personal style preferences. The overall material is flexible, which can meet the diverse environmental needs of customers and can also be customized. Different surface treatments such as staining, painting, waxing, etc.

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    Production and packaging



    Application scenarios: recording studio wooden sound-absorbing panels, home theater sound-absorbing wall panels, music room wooden sound-absorbing panels, office sound-absorbing panels, rehearsal room sound-absorbing wall panels, auditorium acoustic sound-absorbing panels, conference room sound-absorbing wall panels, etc.
    Project specifications:
    • Function: Absorption and Diffusion
    • Absorption frequency: medium frequency, high frequency.
    • Material: Laminated MDF and polyester fiber board (Type M1)
    • Color: Foam - Black Graphite/Laminated MDF - Available in 7 colors
    • Fire rating: European Class E
    ·Size: 2400x600x22mm, 3000x600x2mm or customized size
    ·Color: wood grain sound-absorbing wall panels, stone grain sound-absorbing wall panels, oak sound-absorbing wall panels, walnut sound-absorbing wall panels, customized colors.
    ·Fire resistance: BS4735, UL94-HF1, self-extinguishing.
    ·Installation: ATAC spray adhesive, cartridge adhesive.
    ·Cleaning: Dust gently with a lint-free cloth